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Q-TOP History
At photokina 2000, world fair of imaging, Cologne, Germay, there stood a young man with two good looking young ladies just beneath the stairway at a pavillion with high class cameras. He offered an absolutely outstanding revolutionary quick release system for 35 mm and medium format cameras for sale.
The system was tiny, round, very nice to look at and appeared absloutely robust.
I ordered two sets right away and got the some months later.
After comprehensive tetsing I came to the conclusion, that there is no comparable quick release system at the market. I replaced my big and heavy quick releases made by the great names of the busines by more of the tiny blue marvels.
Three years later I tried to order some extra camera plates and an extra system. They were not availlable anymore. My wholesaler told me production was discontinued.
I found out, the company of the inventor hat declared bankruptcy and he was not trackable. There was no provider anymore.
An incedible product had dissapeared from the market place after a short twinkle like a shooting star.
Autumn 2007 I looked again for one or two used Q-TOP quick release systems. By chance I came into contact with the former producer, a specialist for premium precision parts for medical technology.
He had made Q-TOP from the first day on as subcontractor for ideesign GmbH, the company of the inventor. After he had made about 3000 Q-TOP quick releases, he was hit by the breakup of ideesign GmbH and the disappearance of the inventor, just like the wholesalers and customers.   

He offered me the remnants of the until 2003 produced Q-TOP quick release systems for sale, to use them for my own use or to resale. For the first time since years I could offer complete brand new old stock Q-TOP quick release systems and single camera plates in 1/4" and 3/8".

The remainder of stock was sold within weeks.

From some enjoyable conversations a cooperation agreement accrued.

Since summer 2008 we can offer newly produced complete Q-TOP quick release systems and single camera plates 1/4" und 3/8".
The quick release systems were made form new old stock parts and newly made parts untill start of 2011. All camera plates have been newly manufactured since end of 2008.
Q-TOP is produced again at the old premisses on the original machines exactly to the original spezifications.
Only the package has changed. The simple cardboard box has been replaced by a round tin can.
Since summer 2009 we also produce the Q-TOP Strap Adaptor again. It is ideal to adapt Q-TOP to modern camera straps as Black Rapid R-Strap oder Sun-Sniper.

End of 2009 we modified old stock base blocks for the first time and produced a special edition with slight modifications. Exklusively sold by MK Panorama-Systeme we offer since start of 2010 the Q-TOP Edition MK with red base blocks. It has a centered middle tripod thread. All parts of this special edition are fully compatible to all other Q-TOP.
In March 2011 the new production run of base blocks started. The newly made bases have slightly modified internal spezifications and its center tripod thread is really centered. They are fully compatible to all ever made Q-TOP and Q-TOP camera plates.
A German high quality product is back at the market place. In contrast to other big names taht resurge after years of disapearance but only bear the old name without the inner values, qtop is made solely in Germany at the old plant.
We don't let anything produce abroad and we don't buy any third party parts except the o-ring seals and packing. We do even the small parts as the adaptor bushings ourselves.
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