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Q-TOP Technics
In contrast to other cameraplates Q-TOP is round. Ther camera plate interlocks at intervals of 30 degrees with the base. The plate can not twist against the basis. Because of the detents every 30 degrees the plate can be used as a panorama head - after the tripod and the Q-TOP basis have been aligned with the built in spirit level.
Camera plate and basis are of the same shape. Both are round and of identical diameter. With a little routine it will is no problem to attach the camera plate to the basis blind, without looking, only by groping.
Camera plate and base will not entangle with or get caught in the camera bag, because of their low profile, the circular shape and the round off edges.
The camera plate has a ribbing at its exterior due to which it can be srewed into the tripod socked of the camera or lens at ease and very fast - and without the use of any tools.
The plate has three o-ring seals inserted in the aluminium. The physical characteristics of this o-rings and their concentric arrangement allow a secure fastening at the camera without any clumsy counternuts or other anti turn mechanisms. Q-TOP makes a very effective, non slipping connection of camera plate and camera.
Q-TOP is precision machined from solid pieces of high strenh aluminium and stainless steel. The base is milled out of one single block of tearproof aircraft grade aluminium, not as other products assembled from a lot of single parts. The internal locking mechanism and the spring are beeing inserted with special tools into the aluminium block. The system is maintenance free.
In the bottom of the base are to adaptor bushings 1/4" to 3/8" inserted.

Q-TOP Dimensions
Diameter circa 44 mm  (1 3/4")
Diameter maximal 53 mm  (2")  (over interlock button)
Height (base plus camera plate without thread) circa 28 mm  (1 1/10")
Weight circa 100 g  (3 oz)  (basie lpus camera plate)
Q-TOP Practice
Dismantling and connecting is done by a simultaneously pressing of the small safety button and the big interlock button.
Both are placed, anatomical advantageous, on opposite sides of the only 44 mm measuring base.
It is nearly impossible to separate camera plate and basis accidentaly. There are no levers for additional locking or combinations of handles to loosen necessary. The whole system is simple and safe.
There is a bulls eye spirit-level built into the base.
In the bottom of the base are to adaptor bushings 1/4" to 3/8" inserted.
All ever made Q-TOP fit together - no matter what colour they are.
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